A Message from the CEO, David Carroll

Depaul believes in transparency and accountability. We believe that all donors have a right to know how the money we receive is being used. Depaul operates as one charity but is registered as two separate legal entities in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI). We have registered charity status in both jurisdictions. Since being established in Ireland in 2001, Depaul has received government funding to deliver services to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in both ROI and NI. This money is used to operate our community and accommodation-based services which are managed on a day-to-day basis by professionally trained and caring staff. We offer 24/7 support 365 days a year, currently providing 571 bed spaces each night. In addition to over 470 staff, who are trained to a very high standard, we have over 600 unpaid volunteers on an annual basis working in our services to support families, single people and couples who are homeless. We are able to achieve so much more due to their support and commitment.

Depaul’s voluntary Board of Trustees is made of people with a range of skills and expertise in the commercial and voluntary sectors and is committed to ensuring that Depaul is fully compliant with all relevant regulation and adopts best practice in managing services for the disadvantaged.

For every €1 or £1 received by Depaul, a minimum of 86% of this goes directly towards supporting the people in our services. In addition to our front-line staff and volunteers, Depaul has a small central team that supports services through maintaining quality standards, financial control and good corporate governance. All of our staff across the organisation share the organisation’s strong commitment to helping the disadvantaged and maintaining high governance standards.

Depaul’s financial statements are prepared in compliance with SORP, which is the recommended standard for charities. Depaul is also registered with the Charities Governance Code. We are compliant with relevant fundraising standards in both jurisdictions. We do not, nor can we afford to, pay the equivalent of public sector pay scales for any grade. Our annual accounts, which are available on our website, disclose salary bands for the management team. We pay our staff a fair salary, which is in line with salaries for staff of other similar sized charitable organisations.

At Depaul there are:

  • No salary top ups
  • No bonus payments
  • No other perks or entitlements such as company cars
  • No un-vouched expenses
  • There is a basic and defined contribution scheme available to all permanent staff with a contribution of up to 5% from Depaul
Ask us any questions – we will respond

We take the issue of transparency and accountability very seriously at Depaul.

We know that the issue of financial governance can be a difficult one for people to fully understand. We invite you to ask us any questions you may have by contacting Mairéad McGinn, Director of Fundraising & Communications at mairead.mcginn@depaulcharity.net – and we will respond promptly.

Come on board and help us address the issues of homelessness.

If Depaul is to continue to meet the needs of people who are homeless, we will depend on voluntary contributions from members of the public who share our concern about people who are most vulnerable in our society. We are incredibly grateful for the support of all those who give to Depaul whether monetary or voluntary in our services. We promise that we do everything we can to spend wisely the money that you contribute.
We urge you to join us – together we are making a real difference for those most in need and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated,

David Carroll

Chief Executive Officer